WJHS Web Design 2.0

I'm Romin Mirmotahari, a senior at Walter Johnson High School. This is my web design 2.0 homepage. All my projects will be added to this website once they're complete.

Project #1: Highschool Club Website

I made a website for the Model UN club. It uses the same code as the homepage, except modified to fit its content. No template was used, just like no template was used to make this site.

Project #2: Javascript Drag 'n Drop

The second project was the drag and drop script. Using Javascript, each image is programmed to take the user to a different site when the user drags it into a collective div.

Project #3: Backend Website Portal using PHP/ mini-CMS

This is just a simple backend website editor that lets the user edit the "news" section in the club website (but in a different directory). Using PHP, the user fill out a form in a different page, and then the form saves the contents to a text. The website then takes the text contents and outputs it on the actual site.